Our mission

We strive to build strong relationships with our customers and to become a reliable partner for buying and selling used machine tools. Helping you find a solution for your used machine or delivering a well-maintained used machine of your interest, is what we love to do and what we are good at.

It is our mission is to conduct business according to the following principles:

Full project management
We want to unburden our customers as much as possible during the process of selling or buying a used machine. Thanks to our international network of professional partners, we can manage the full relocation project, including dismantling, loading, transport and, if necessary, reinstallation of the machine at the new location.
Clear communication
During our contacts with customers and partners, we have learned that clear communication is not obvious in this business. We have gained trust and respect from our customers by consistently communicating clearly and correctly, respecting each other's timing and keeping our promises.
Honest and competitive pricing
"The market is always right." The value of second hand machines is determined by supply and demand on the second hand market and the current economic situation. We don't make false promises and we do give straightforward advice regarding the value and prices of second hand machines. Therefore we always apply market-based prices and we choose to communicate these prices transparently towards our customers and partners.
Close monitoring and follow-up of your projects
VVM is a rather small but passionate organization that maintains a personal and close follow-up of your projects. This close monitoring and quality of service is ensured by carefully selecting and limiting the acceptance of projects. VVM ensures a personal approach and short follow-up by assigning only 1 contact person (or a maximum of 2) to your specific project.
Neutral partner for customers and manufacturers
We provide services to both end users and manufacturers of machine tools. For instance, manufacturers contact us when they are looking for a solution for a used machine that needs to move before their customer can buy a new machine. In particular when the used machine is not from the manufacturer's own brand, the services and network of VVM will be highly appreciated. Since we are a neutral partner with much respect for confidentiality, we are able to build partnerships with every possible manufacturer or end customer.
Global sales network
Although VVM is based in Belgium, our services in used machine tools extend beyond our national borders. Our business model and the fact that we speak more languages (Dutch, French, English and German) are focused on conducting business all over the world.