2020 FOM FMC 340 Machining center


2020 FOM FMC 340 Machining center



FMC 340 is a fully automated processing center with 4 interpolating axes for the machining of aluminium profiles with a cross section of 180×270 mm and steel tubes up to 3 mm thick.

A 7kw, liquid-cooled electrospindle with a maximum rotation speed pf 20000 rpm allows the production of custom machined and milled elements.

Machine is in very good condition and can be inspected under power.

Immediately available.

More information available on request.


ModelFMC 340 Machining center
X axis top face4160 mm
X axis top face + ends4000mm
Y and Z axes for machining on 3 or 2faces of profile: 180x270mm
Y and Z axes for machining on 2 faces of profile + extra clamping vices: 250x270mm
Y and Z axes for machining on 2 faces of profile, extra clamping vices and lowered pads:300x270mm
A axis-15°; +195°
Axis X speed100m/min
Vices with automatic positioning along the X-axis through the trabelling column:4
Max number of vices8
Fixed and automatically reclining stop:yes
Electrospindle7KW 20000rpm
Tool colletHSK - F63
Tool magazine8-position tool magazine fixed
Control24'' screen - FST Cam 4