2007 BJM SZ-AF sawing center

No longer available

2007 BJM SZ-AF sawing center



Sawing center including feed magazine and belt feed with lifting station for processing aluminium/PVC profiles.

Machines are in good condition and can be viewed in operation.

Availability: 04/2023

More info on request.

SZ-AF Sawing center

Machining length: max 7500 mm

Cross cut profile: max width 160 mm, max height 250 mm

Working height input magazine: 950 mm

Machine working height: 1120 mm

Machine dimensions: 19500 x 4300 x 2500 mm

Machine weight: 3500 kg

Pneumatic operating pressure: 6.5 +/- 1.0 bar

X axis: 246mm

Y axis: 250mm

Speed ​​X axis: max 170 m/min

Positioning Accuracy: 0.1mm/1000mm

Rotation angle B-axis: max 45°

Saw motor power: 3KW

Saw blade speed: 3000 rpm

Saw blade diameter: 550mm

VMU-20 LR Input magazine

Workpiece length: 600 - 6500 mm

Machine dimensions: 6500 x 3900 x 1100 mm

Machine weight: 700 kg

Electric power consumption: 0.25 kW

RF-9 LR Belt entry with lifting station

Workpiece size: 150-7500mm

machine dimensions L x W x H: 6500 x 4000 x 1100 mm

Machine weight: 400 kg

Electrical power consumption: 0.75 KW


ModelSZ-AF sawing center