2007 DMG CTX 310 Eco Gildemeister


2007 DMG CTX 310 Eco Gildemeister



Machine is in good condition and is still in operation.


Can be inspected under power.

More info on request.

Please note: The information on this page has been obtained to the best of our knowledge and belief. This information is given in good faith, but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Accordingly, this information is not binding and does not constitute a contractual condition. We recommend that you check all essential details during an inspection of the machine. In order to save unnecessary travel costs for our customers, in most cases we suggest to organize a live video inspection.


ModelCTX 310 Eco Gildemeister
ControlSIEMENS 810D
Max spindle speed5000 rpm
Spindle drive power11 KW
Chuck diameter210mm
Spindle Hole68.5mm
Center distance581 mm
Center height190 mm
Diameter on the bed330 mm
Diameter on the support260 mm
Z axis stroke450mm
Z axis rapid feed30m/min
X-axis rapid feed rate24 m/min
Z axis thrust4500 N
X axis thrust4500 N
Displacement of the tailstock400 mm
Tailstock driveCNC numerical control hydraulic
Max clamping force4000 N
Tool changer12 of which 6 are for driven tools
Tool Attachment30 VDI
Tool bar section20 x 20 mm
Coolant reservoir175L
Pump capacity30l/min
Chip conveyoryes